Backhanded compliments aren’t really compliments at all, because the insulting part inevitably has a larger impact than the ostensibly complimentary part.

I mean, if I gave you a backrub and then stabbed you, you wouldn’t refer to that as a “backhanded spa treatment,” you’d just call it a really weird stabbing. And then you’d call the police.

But these nasty little attacks are things that people get all the time – especially women. Here are just a few anonymously submitted examples.

10. Hair today, gone tomorrow

Thanks for letting me know I’m hideous most of the time.

Source: Whisper

9. The size of things

Unless this person was nine years old, there’s no excuse for this.
Even then it would merit a talking to.

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8. I’ll make an exception

Also so weird when men feel like they need to let you understand that they’re carving out an exception for you.

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7. Does that make me crazy?

This is what we would refer to as an “inside thought.”

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6. A glowing endorsement

Never guess at that ever, ever, ever, ever.

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5. On a scale

And to think I didn’t even know I’d signed up for this competition.

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4. Gotta be so rude

Um. Finally?

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3. Too hot to trot

And yet, here we are.

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2. Get a leg up

Nothing compared to what’s about to happen to you.

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1. Try it out

People aren’t a buffet, you knob.

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Gross. Gross gross gross.

What’s the worst “backhanded compliment” you’ve ever received?

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