It always bothers me a little when people get way too into the league thinking when it comes to relationships.

You know the kind I’m talking about.

The folks who enjoy breaking down human love into some kind of clinical statistics game, creating formulas of looks and money and prospects.

Is there truth to it? Sure. But it’s not the whole picture. And it can turn distasteful real quick. Maybe the worst thing this kind of thinking can do is preemptively convince us that we’re not going to be good enough for anyone that we fall in love with. And that kind of thinking can mess with your head, as these anonymous confessions can attest.

10. It’s all about perception

I’m sorry – you have four dates with four different people in ONE WEEK?

Where do you even find the time?

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9. A league of her own

Building empathy is kind of super important.

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8. The shy guy

Like ships passing in the night.

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7. Can’t go through with it

If it’s literally happening, then it’s not too good to be true.
At that point it’s just true and also good.

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6. The attraction principle

Everyone is super sexy to someone.

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5. Begging for me

At that point is it about liking someone or just enjoying being desired?

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4. Many people are saying

Dang kid, you don’t have very supportive friends, do ya?

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3. Hey, good lookin’

See, this is the ridiculous stuff I’m talking about.

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2. Love me tinder

Prepare to defy your own expectations.

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1. Homerun!

Well, obviously.

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Moral of the story? Forget leagues. It’s not a game. Just pursue your best life.

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