Estimates say that American adults tend to know between 20,000 and 40,000 words, which honestly sounds like a lot, even for someone like me who takes joy in learning new ones.

Maybe the fact that we’re storing away so many of them can help explain why some of the simpler ones just elude us. Why it is that we can’t grasp them right when we want to, or cobble together the correct letters to form them?

Or maybe I’m just dumb? But if I am, I’m joined by all these people.

14. Walfus

My friend you definitely need to let go.

13. A science person

I believe the word you’re looking for is “sciencetitian.”

12. Pullsh

When you’re trying to vibe with the universe but it keeps sending you mixed signals.

11. Paseggiliti

Sounds the name of some obscure Italian opera.

10. Four score and seven years ago…

Let a new era for this country bacon.

9. Chliloptee

Maybe we should visit a hospital first as you seem to be having a stroke.

8. Spelling counts

Steal me away!

7. Ukrllendbd

But how long before you learn to spell it?

6. Liquid zoo

That sounds like an absolutely horrific place.

5. Unsleep

Sounds like you’re already sleepin’.

4. Atsgama

Sounds like a superpower nobody wants.

3. Noha

Look at the name, then look at the name of the store.

2. What even?

“Yeah, it’s Stephen, with a PH.”

1. Portal Potty

Now you’re thinking with portals.

That’s enough words for today. My brain can’t store any more.

Have you ever forgotten a super simple word?

Tell us the tale in the comments.