Celebrities. They’re just like us! Except most of us probably don’t have a million people lobbing insults at us on the internet all day.

Don’t get me wrong, the perks probably outweigh it, and may celebs take it in stride with some good humor. But I say that if you’re gonna roast, roast with some cleverness. Make it good, make it funny.

Make it like these folks did.

10. Y2K

I had literally never heard of this person before today and I just learned they have hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.

What a world.

9. Cholesterol

That’s just what I’m calling him now.

8. Pete Davidson

How is this guy just constantly coming and going from SNL?

7. Adam Conover

He’s taking “well, actually” back.

6. Mark Zuckerberg

Given the state of current events this isn’t too far from true.

5. Caitlyn Jenner

She’s here for magic and wonder.

4. Lil Nas X

Oh no how is this so true?

3. Jimmy Kimmel

He’s from the streets.

Which streets?

Don’t worry about it.

2. Adam Scott

Yeah, that’s fair enough.

1. Tom Holland

My name is Tom and I’m here to say
I hide my accent in a major way

Keep on burnin’, Twitter. Ya maniacs.

What’s your greatest celebrity burn? Or have you ever been burned by a celebrity? G-rated stories only.

Give it your best shot and share it with us in the comments!