I once had a roommate who adopted two dogs without really asking the rest of us, then proceeded to keep them in the garage most of the time, where they pooped absolutely everywhere.

It wasn’t good. I’m very glad to be out of that.

But the signs that you might be dealing with an awful roomie can be more subtle than that. Let’s look at a few red flags, from Twitter.

13. Culinary dog spillage

It’s not gonna happen often, but if it does, run away.


12. The penny pinching

Seriously y’all, in most cases it all comes out in the wash.

11. The one that got away

That’s a really good sign that things are gonna go great.

10. The heat miser

What kind of absolute monster…

9. The case of the missing everything

Except for the times when it turned out to be you all along.

8. The cereal killer

I think you need to take her to some kind of hospital.

7. This shower power move

I admire it, and yet it infuriates me.

6. This strange turn of events

It’s the ones you never expect.

5. Let’s get this bread

By absolutely any means necessary, apparently.


4. Slim and trim

Well I don’t mind if he wants to ooooohhhhhhhh.

3. This absolute knob

What would have been REALLY crazy is if she’d have turned it on first.

2. Arrested developments

Do keep us updated though, won’t you?

1. Boiling mass of garbage

I can’t read any more of these, my brain is about to explode.

I shudder to think what could be worse.

Who was the most awful roommate you ever had?

Tell us in the comments.