The reasons that one can be late are as numerous as the stars in the sky. Scarce to be counted…filling the darkness…

Of course, the REAL reason you’re always late is just because you don’t pay enough attention and you’re staring at your phone / sleeping in all the time.

But the STATED reasons – the reasons you tell other people, well you can get really creative with those. Here are ten memes with suggestions for reasons you can give that you were late next time you inevitably are.

10. You are a skeleton

Skeletons are rarely expected to be on time – it is one of the many social norms from which they are typically excused.

9. You had to dash

Dash what? Where? From whence? It doesn’t matter.

8. You rode your bike

Let everybody think that you’re not on time because of how very healthy you are.

7. You didn’t want to set a precedent

The most dangerous thing one can do in a workplace is set people’s expectations for you high.

6. You’re royalty

Maybe your bloodline links you to Elizabeth, let people try and prove it doesn’t.

5. Your inner demons convinced you

Now you can take a sick day to go get an exorcism.

4. You forgot what time zone you were in

Plus it’s like, do we fall forward? Spring backward? I can never remember.

3. You were very afraid

We can all relate to that on some level.

2. You just didn’t want to be there

People may admire your honesty.

1. Traffic didn’t understand

It was on THEM to get out of MY way.

Give those a shot. It might just work.

What’s the most late you’ve ever been for anything?

Tell us in the comments.