Ever think about getting married, but you actually need somebody who wants to marry you?

Same same.

But hey, at least when you read posts like this you can pretend to be married. Because practice makes perfect, right?

Let’s go!

1. I thought it was funny

2. Sums it up

3. Hey o!

4. I know the answer!

5. SMH


6. A little too late

7. What’s the deal?!?!

8. Oh, never mind…

9. Dat me!

10. He knows me too well…

11. Sounds important!

12. “I’m losing ALL the weight!”

13. Okkkkaaayyyyy…

14. Hey! That’s a good show!

15. Now that is MARRIED

See, now you’re all ready to get hitched. This post was all you needed to anticipate EVERY SINGLE SITUATION!

Okay, we kid, but we actually do want to know what all those married folk feel about marriage.

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