When I look at all these dang teens and their dang TikToks, it really gets me thinking.

A lot of what’s getting put out there on these attention-hungry social platforms is innovative and funny and great. But way more of it is just dumb cringe. And everybody is doing it. It may well never go away. And it’s going to age like milk.

Which brings me to my next thought – will Gen Z end up in a torrent of absolute humiliation, or will there essentially be no more embarrassment thanks to a sort of mutually assured social destruction? It will be interesting to see.

In any case, current teens might just end up embarrassed in the future by these absolute roasts their parents dished out on Twitter.

15. Labor day

Come on kid, take a minute.

14. Born and raised

You gotta have a little compassion.

13. Give me some space

Well at least they found something constructive to do.

12. The match game

Welp, this is gonna be a whole thing now.

11. It’s the little things

Stop having a very slightly different way of doing things, dad!

10. Nature calls

It’s cruel out there, but it makes sense.

9. Zip ’em up

As if they’re not carefully crafting selfies literally all day every day.

8. The big trip

In this economy?

7. Here, kitty kitty

Careful, she definitely bites.

6. Butter me up

Just go ahead and skip to the bad news.

5. Secret treasures

You never know what finds await you.

4. Dog day afternoon

Time really is relative, you know?

3. Unconditional love

They still love you, they just stop realizing it for a minute.

2. The elder scrolls

You don’t wanna know.

1. I’m good

I’ll take Things That Definitely Happened for 1000, Alex.

Carry on, teens. Your time of reckoning is coming.

What were you like as a teenager?

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