In the spirit of education, we bring you #WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen – a hashtag meant to enlighten men on all manner of things they might think they know about women but totally don’t.

Be prepared – some of these are graphic but you know.

So is life.

15. Treat women like people. How novel!

14. This made me laugh but also it’s true.

13. The law of the getting laid land.

12. Just because your shampoo costs $5…

11. The more you know.

10. This list is a good place to start.

9. It’s shocking, right?

8. Flowers die in a few days, after all.

7. Gifts are low on some women’s love language lists.

6. It’s a simple thing but it would make us so happy.

5. Also we watch a lot of murder shows.

4. Why is this such a hard thing to understand?

3. “Don’t do it.” Boom.

2. I mean if you care about those things.

1. Yeah we’re not buying your innocent act.

I love each and every one of these truths and I hope men everywhere are scrolling!

What would you add, ladies? Men, did any of these surprise you?