Yes, this is what we live for, fam.

So many tweets, so much time.

Come and get it!

1. Priorities

2. Pure wizardry

3. True story. You can teach fish to do this.

4. Because your sister is a god d*mn genius!

5. Oh, you’re cute…

6. From Old Navy.

7. Cooking up hot stuff!

8. Keep! Thez! Frans!

9. This. I can’t even.

10. lm*o = letting my anger out… right?

11. Hunger. It does thing to us.

12. That’s probably how it went, yes.

13. Ahhhhhhhhh

14. I’m a god d*mned treasure and the world needs to recognize it!

15. Well, this is definitely meme now.

This is what we do all day.

Because we f*cking can. ?