As Johnny Cash/Nine Inch Nails said, “I made a meme today, to see if I still feel.” It’s easy to get bored, overwhelmed, and numbed in today’s world. And in typical generational fashion, many of us are responding with a sort of playful nihilism. A joke format that’s risen organically is the “I ________ just to feel something,” and it’s got surprising longevity.

Let’s hop on that bandwagon and look at fifteen great examples of the joke from the world of Twitter. Maybe by the end, we’ll all feel something again.

15. My troubles are multiplying

14. Sneeze away the pain

13. It’s drafty in here

12. The forbidden p*op

11. No shirts given

10. This is what it’s like to chew 5 gum

9. Is sick an emotion?

8. Definitely the latter

7. A fancy night in

6. Rest in piece

5. You’ve gone too far

4. A stranger in my own home

3. Thirst knows no clock

2. Don’t need an excuse to look good

1. The waiting is the coolest part

Did it work? Do you have feels? Cause honestly if a list this evocative didn’t do it for ya, I don’t know what will.

What are you doing just to feel something?

Tell us in the comments.