There’s way too much going on on Twitter every day to keep with it all, and you’re busy with your real life anyway.

But never fear, we’ve got a digest of some of the recent Twitter highlights you can scroll through real quick and get back to your day, maybe feeling a little lighter for the pick-me-up!

It’s just 12 of the twizzles (aka tweets) to make ya smizzle (aka smiling) this wizzle (aka week).

Okay, yeah… I don’t know what I’m doing.

Let’s just look at tweets. I mean twizzles.


12. Dat face

This dog is more handsome than me and I don’t appreciate it.

11. Get a leg up

Hey no judgement, I can’t do that.

10. Came-NO

This app is the ultimate punishment for our sins.

9. Picture perfect

The extra time you clearly have on your hands will be greatly rewarded.

8. Me and my baby

Is it possible to cringe yourself inside out?

7. Kitty control

Leave him be, he’s clearly got a handle on things.

6. Oh nose

Nope, nope, nope, we are NOT getting new fetishes out of this.

5. Late night

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: number one in the hood, G.

4. Manic panic

Um, yes, this is called bipolar disorder.

3. Plate tectonics

This diner does not abide by your pitiful laws of physics.

2. Ritual cleaning

No thank you please.

1. In this economy?

Might as well just get this tattoo at this point.

Just a little refreshing rundown of some of the best stuff floating around out there. We aim to please, and we live to serve!

Who do you think are the best people on Twitter right now?

Share your opinion in the comments.