When I first moved to a big city, one of the unexpected challenges was reading parking signs. It wasn’t that they were too small, or dirty, or that my vision was bad, they were just inscrutably complicated and at first glance seemed designed to ensure that I’d always be parked illegally. These days I’m a pro at deciphering those bad boys, but I still come across weird signs and symbols all over the place.

This collection features some great examples of the kinds of things that would make you do a double or triple-take as you’re making your way through the world.

15. Time is relative

14. Well, I’d hope so

13. Math is hard

12. “Hey honey, I incorporated how much I hate you into my truck logo”

11. Check yourself before you wreck yourself

10. Yes, I’ll have a Big

9. How do you make donuts sound unappealing?

8. Wait, what’s traf?

7. Perfect with wieners

6. I didn’t know we were doing this in groups now

5. If that’s just an empty freezer, I’m on board

4. “I don’t know, just make it brown so they don’t read it.”

3. No judgement whatsoever

2. I’m sorry, what?

1. Graphic design is my passion

I feel like one or two of those might be Photoshopped, but, truth is stranger than fiction, so, who knows.

What’s the strangest sign you’ve ever seen?

Tell us the tale in the comments below.