Celebrities. They’re just like us! Or maybe, we’re just like them? A lot of us look like them, anyway. We’ve probably all got that one well-known person that people will occasionally compare some facial feature of ours to. But for the most part, the resemblance is superficial or slight. Not so with the people on this list. There folks from around the world are like parallel universe dopplegangers of well-known celebrities, and it’s pretty great.

Enjoy these 15 people who look…oddly familiar…

15. Johnny Depp

Got the coy smile and everything, damn.

14. Hugh Laurie

This legitimately looks like Hugh playing a fed-up plumber in a sketch.

13. Nicholas Cage

The real test: how does he feel about bees?

12. Mark Ruffalo

I legitimately had to look back and forth several times to figure out which was which.

11. Jeff Goldblum

They both look like they just told an awful dad joke.

10. Vladimir Putin

I mean…I *wish* Putin wasn’t a celebrity, but here we are.

9. George Clooney

You can tell it’s not really him because he’s clearly on the subway.

8. Matt Damon

Best Will Hunting.

7. Brad Pitt

Don’t be fooled, he’s in the middle of another heist.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

The way of the future…the way of the future…

5. Steve Carell

Solid regional manager material.

4. Danny DeVito

I want him to offer me an egg in these trying times.

3. Britney Spears

Oops, she did it again.

2. Barack Obama

Yes he can!

1. Alfonso Ribeiro

But can he do the dance?

With faces that close, you wonder if any of them ever get mobbed by people who who think they’re the real deal.

What celebrity do you think you look like?

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