The internet has revolutionized so many parts of our lives, and the economy. Work forces that once had to be confined to a single building for communication, for instance, can now easily be spread to different places, even different countries, without much of a gap.

Of course, offices had phones and fax machines long before the internet came into wide use, but that wasn’t nearly as liberating. Sharing anything visual was a huge, slow process, and if the person you needed to speak to was in another state (or god forbid, overseas), get ready to pay a enormous long-distance phone bill.

Not so with the internet. It doesn’t cost me a dime more to video chat with someone in Japan than it does someone down the street. It’s a pretty useful tool for teams that want to collaborate remotely, but what happens when that great power is abused?

Enter the tale of the 4am Karen, presented by Reddit user ZoiSarah on r/Malicious Compliance:

Chapter 1: Must Join

Chapter 2: Rise of the Karen

Chapter 3: A New Reign

Chapter 4: The Audacity

And now… the responses!

Turns out, OP is not the only person who has to deal with this crap.

At what cost?

Time zones how do they work??

This could have been an email, Karen!!!

A semester (almost) abroad!

I don’t know what we can learn from this other than that with great technological power comes great responsibility.

Oh and also, yanno, show a shred of consideration toward your fellow humans. In case that still needs to be said.

Have you dealt with a situation like this?

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