They say good relationships are built on honesty. I’m not sure if that means the kind of radical, no-holds-barred honesty found in the posts collected by @weshouldbreakup on Instagram, but if so, maybe these screenshots are from the healthiest couples ever? I hope? I doubt?

Either way they’re pretty funny. Have a look at a few examples of romantic partners being oddly up front with each other in the way only a long-term relationship can really produce. Fair warning: a weirdly high number of them are about p*op, for some reason.

15. Romance isn’t dead

Feelings aren’t the only thing I’m holding in.

14. Honestly erotic

Frank s^x negotiations get me so hot and bothered.

13. Bath bomb

I both do and do not want to know the context of this one.

12. Formulaic love story

You can’t argue with math.

11. Talk dirty to me

Let’s taco bout sex, baby.

10. My number 2 priority

Wait so…what exactly happened here?

9. A matter of perspective

Through a mirror darkly.

8. Early riser

We’re off schedule.

7. A bright idea

I can’t tell if this is cute or scary.

6. TP-cal

Repeal and replace.

5. Peanut butter jealous time

There are some lines you just don’t cross.

4. Conflicting visions

Well that took a turn.

3. A quiet place

You’re*, dammit.

2. Chicks’n’sandwich

You’ll come crawling back once Sunday rolls around.

1. Big sad energy

When you just know each other so well.

It’s sort of heartwarming? I guess? In a funny way. Better to be able to honestly say weird things to each other than have to hide who you are. So, they’ve got that going for them. Which is nice.

What’s the funniest exchange you’ve had with your partner lately?

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