It’s hard to say when “hook up” became the new euphemism for sex, or how we ever allowed it to replace MY favorite phrasing, “tummy smushing,” but however it happened, here we are, and everybody you know has got their story about that one crazy hook up they had.

This collection of such tales (tails?) is particularly interesting. They’re are all submissions from real people who needed a place to anonymously tell the world about their wild nights…

15. Bad teacher

Is this allowed?

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14. Blue love

I need to know more about this.

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13. Re-re-revenge?

I had to read this four times to understand it.

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12. Like father, like son

Well, that escalated quickly.

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11. Passing encounters

Awkwardness on aisle 11.

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10. What an honor

What can I say? Love was in the air.

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9. Shave yourself

I’m sorry, WHAT?

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8. Friendly neighbors

This is either gonna be great or terrible.

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7. Tinder loving care

But how was the BBQ though?

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6. The circle of life

Maybe it’s a sign?

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5. Generational endeavors

How…how do you feel about this?

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4. Read all about it

Were you at least quiet?

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3. Across the fence

What they don’t know can’t hurt them.

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2. BFFs with benefits


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1. Oh, brother

I wish you both the best but can you please not refer to him as that?

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My sex life is feeling pretty tame right now compared to these adventures. But I DID hook up my old Nintendo the other day. That was pretty hot.

What’s your crazy hook up story?

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