If you’ve ever been cheated on, you know that there aren’t a whole ton of worse experiences. I think most of us would probably rather go skinny dipping at the north pole than ever again experience the pain that comes from being on the victim end of infidelity. And if you’re the cheater? Well as long as you’ve got a conscience, that’s gonna eat up a lot of your life too. It’s the worst for everybody, and it’s truly frustrating to know that, despite all that, we still allow ourselves to do it all. The. Time.

Which is why some of us draw a firm line in the sand and just say “absolutely not.” Here are 15 submissions from people who pledge never to cheat, no matter what.

15. Not no way, not no how

Most of us say this, how many end up meaning it?

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14. Priorities

Right decision, strange motivation?

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13. I know the pain

Horrible pain can build incredible empathy.

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12. BFF GF

You’re hurting the whole person, for a very long time.

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11. “All day, every day”

This is a quality confession right here.

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10. No competition

Why even go looking when you’ve already won?

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9. Given the chance…

Sounds like those old anti-drug campaigns.

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8. Your cheatin’ heart

I guess those hips really don’t lie.

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7. Just looking

It’s silly to think you can turn off the part of your brain that finds people attractive. What matters are your actions.

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6. Not even flirt

Sounds like the kind of pledge that should be said with a hand on a Bible.

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5. I don’t understand

People are so strange that we don’t even get ourselves.

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4. Too lazy

Another submission for the “good morals, wrong reason” column.

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3. Bad liar

But are you lying about THIS?

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2. Boring

A little bit of spice can haunt you for a very long time.

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1. Until the end

Somebody turn this into an anthem.

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Well, there ya have it. Some motivational talk to remind us all how important it is to stay true to those we love. Because in the end, they’re all we have.

What do you think about cheating?

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