As a male, our locker rooms growing up in school were filled with pranks, fights, and the usual debauchery. As an adult at the gym, it’s mostly old men walking around naked for no reason at all.

Funny how that works, huh?

And boys and men always assume the female locker room is just a place of quiet solitude where girls and women quietly go about their business and everyone is polite. But, according to these answers, the locker rooms across the universe for ladies are just as crazy, wild

Here are some interesting responses from AskReddit users.

1. Take that!

“We had somebody throw a dildo at another girl because she made a mom joke…yes.”

2. That took five years?

“I went to an all girl’s high school. A male teacher had an infrequent habit of “forgetting” that the girls were getting changed in it and walking in. It only happened like once every 3ish months or so but no other teacher, male or female, ever did it.

And he alternated classes. Eventually, after like 5 years of this someone discovered this rather consistent habit of his and he was fired.”

3. Some shenanigans.

“Ranging from bit*h slapping people to turning the lights on and off and twerking, ya we’re pretty tame but that’s mostly because the coach’s office is right next to our locker room.”

4. You can do better than that.

“Saw a bad fight in the girls locker room. Like I wanted to beat them up because of how horrible the fighting was.”

5. I bet she was popular.

“In my primary school, a girl took a sh^t and smeared it all over the cubicle and on the mirrors.”

6. Definitely strange…

“In middle school there was a very shy girl who never really talked to anyone. In the locker rooms before gym, she would wander around wearing nothing but shin-high tube socks while everyone else got ready. She was very…we’ll say well endowed for a 12 year-old. Not really crazy but definitely strange.”

7. Good, old-fashioned fun.

“We currently have a F*ke baby hanging from a noose and we throw soccer ball$ at it to see who can decapitate it first.”

8. Good times!

“A girl’s b*tt was literally superglued to the bench…damn I miss the pranks from high school.”

9. I’ll take that.

“Toilet Salad. Whole salad in the toilet. Girl said yum a chef salad. Picked it up and walked out while eating it.”

10. Sounds like prison.

“We would cut designs in our skin like love hearts or flowers with Stanley knifes and razor blades then rub pen ink into the wounds to make home made tattoos.”

11. Is this a hidden camera show?

“Not at a school, but at a gym in South Seattle I saw a 60+ year old woman using a hairdryer on her p*bes after a shower. She had one leg up on not a bench, but a fre*king counter almost waist high! It was so insane I was instantly worried there were hidden cameras everywhere just to catch the rest of our reactions.”

12. Holy sh^t!

“There was a fight in there my sophmore year. It was violent we all walked in there were quiet as f*ck cuz those had beef since middle school and it finally boiled over. Lets call em Knife girl and Hands girl. Hands girl was winning by all the hits she connected and knife girl had a bloody nose by hit 3.

I thought the fight would be over until knife girl took out a pocket knife from god knows where and started SLASHING the other girl. I was watching from above and saw Knife girl slash Hands girls arms and face. Tried to stab her but a swarm of girls try and break it up.

It happened so fast and I’m the only one who got a good view of everything. Gym teacher ran in and broke it up finally. Knife girl got expelled while Hands girl had gauze and stuff protecting her stiches. She only wore long sleeve shirts until graduation.”

13. Make yourself at home.

“I’m pretty regular at a local gym near my house, and one of the craziest things I saw was one day I was walking by the dry sauna which has one tiny square window on the door. And I just happen to look in the window while walking by and perfectly posed on the other side was an older woman furiously masturbating.

She was so perfectly positioned to be dead center in this window. To this day I do not know if she just wanted to be seen or if she just genuinely did not know. I’ll never forget that day and never went in the sauna after that.”

14. Fire hazard.

“Someone used a lighter and a hair spray can to try to do a makeshift flamethrower. She waved it around, and a girl’s hair caugh on fire. That poor girl, she had to get her head shaved because half of it was just gone.”

15. Thought it was empty.

“In high school, a girl decided to masturbate in the middle of the empty locker room during gym, a teacher walked in to use the bathroom and saw everything.

It gets worse.

The girl didn’t stop. The teacher immediately left and called the School Resource Officer to come get her, and drum roll please……

The girl uhhh… finished.

The only reason the school found out was because the teacher had a daughter in our grade, and she told her daughter the whole story.”

16. Experiment gone wrong.

“Some girls had procured a small amount of mercury for a science experiment from the science teacher. They decided it looked cool and wanted to touch it. And proceeded to spill mercury in the girls locker room which had to be decontaminated and the girls had to be evaluated for mercury poisoning.

They also had to pick a new science project because the teacher wouldn’t get mercury for them again.”

Rowdy and wild ladies all over the place! Wow!

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