What’s in a name? Well, if you’re any of these people, probably years of merciless teasing and learning to accept what your parents gave you.

I’m not being a bully, I’m just saying they’ve all probably invested heavily in a therapist. At least, I hope so.

16. Richard. Go by Richard!

15. Good thing he’s not a pitcher.

14. You probably say it in the other order?

13. You know he hates just using that initial.

12. I bet there are a lot of parents asking for a different teacher. Just in case.

11. He’s got a salve for that.

10. That, my friends, is called a telephone book.

9. That glamour shot, though.

8. Yes. Yes they do.

7. Do you think she thought about this when she was saying “yes?”

6. I mean. It’s probably not pronounced the way you’re thinking.

5. Just seriously why. This is child abuse.

4. And she’s just okay, too.

3. I hate it when that happens.

2. And then you find yourself on the news.

1. As if the last name wasn’t already going to be a hurdle.

I try not to question other people’s parenting choices, but yikes, y’all.

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