New Yorkers – born, bred, or transplanted – are their own breed.  They love to live in one of the most densely populated cities in the country, but they mostly like to pretend like they live there alone – or at least, that the live there among only the people along their daily route that they’ve decided are part of their community.

It’s endearing. I love New York City, and seeing all deserted and quiet is disconcerting, at best.

I’m not the only one who feels that way, either, because these 16 New Yorkers dealing with the status quo are downright hilarious.

16. If everyone was keeping it this real, we’d all be better off.

Don’t be offended; we’re all just trying to keep each other safe.

15. Broadway has all of the answers, as usual.

That goes double for Dear Evan Hansen.

14. That seems about right.

I wish that was a real picture, though, don’t you?

13. It’s the opera in their genes, I guess.

New Yorker’s veins are full of piss, vinegar, and Irish whiskey.

12. When the biggest cities agree, there must be something going on.

I don’t know what, but it’s something.

11. It will never be the same.

It was a nice try, though.

10. No one is probably judging you right now.

We’re all entertaining ourselves however we can.

9. Even if this was just for the performance, it’s hilarious.

If it wasn’t, that’s even better.

8. This update warms my heart.

Blair Waldorf would make fun of me for saying that.

7. Just so everyone is clear on where we stand.

They’re not rude, they’re to the point.

6. A New Yorker who knows where she came from.

Meg Ryan and When Harry Met Sally are NYC, didn’t you know?

5. We’re all just going to start carrying tape measures.

You could make a fortune with something portable that just measures 6 feet.

4. It’s not just the going places, either.

The lights and sounds are comforting, after a while.

3. Why is this so uplifting, though?

Kind of brings a tear to your eye.

2. That Yankee’s lid though.

The virus is jammin’.

1. Please, never change.

It wouldn’t be America without you, truly.

I would expect nothing less from New Yorkers, you guys. They are doing the lord’s work and I hope they’re all staying safe.

How are you coping? Is anything like this happening in your town? Let’s share the funnies in the comments!