Alright, we good? No newbs in here?

WELL!!!! That happened!

That was one of the most epic episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ yet, and there’s still ONE MORE EPISODE TO GO?!?

One thing’s for sure… this will not end well.

And yeah, spoilers. Because DUH!

16. He shoots! He scores!

15. Sansa knows one when she sees one…

14. Excuse me. Pardon me. Sorry. Excuse me…

13. They will be forever known as the bells of death…

12. GTFO of there!

11. Heh, and you thought they were going to live?!

10. I don’t think she was playing that game…

9. Come on now… incestuous twins? Pffft…

8. Daenerys: “No.”

7. Yeah, who believe this?

6. You know nothing Jon Snow.

5. Ya’ll thought they were going to have a treaty?

4. They dead. All of them.

3. Yep!

2. Can she ever be redeemed?!

1. It’s gonna be a short reign!

See you all Sunday!