Hey! You with the face! There are spoilers in this post.

So if we’ve said it once, we’ve said it at least a dozen times… if you haven’t seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones… WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!? Go back!

Alright, come on ya’ll… we’ve got some memeing to do!

22. Yes to this!

21. Oh, he was right…

20. Has EVERYBODY betrayed Dany at this point?!

19. Well, she was confident at the start at least…

18. What do you want? I’m beautiful.

17. Haha, yeah… the bells will stop everything. SURE!

16. Tyrion. The dumbest Lannister.

15. lol… out of bullets… sh^t

14. Oh, those kids are f*cked all right…

13. Well, she kept her word!

12. Uh. Oh.

11. RIP Varys

10. Alert the press! What? There’s no press? f*ck…

9. But was she?!

8. But love found a way. To die.

7. So THAT is who he looks like!

6. Brilliant disguises!

5. What a fight!

4. Ohhhh, she coming bitch… she coming.

3. Epic ending for the Clegane boys!

2. Don’t blame Dany! Missandei said it first!

1. Yeah, what are you all angry about?!?

Just one more episode left!!!!!