After reading this series of dank tweets, I can’t help but think that nearly everybody on Twitter uses it as a form of therapy.

And hey, that’s great! They’re able to share their dark, deep thoughts, and we get to enjoy these dark AF tweets. Win win!

Never change Twitter! We love you!

1. Quiet!!!

2. That bird was committed.

3. A painful process…

4. A guy’s gotta eat!

5. Oh shhhhhhiiiiittttt…

6. Petty to the end.

7. Shhhhhhhhhh

8. “it’s diabetes”

9. “Don’t worry. I’ll get it later.”

10. Wait… what?!

11. The eyes! THE EYES!!!

12. Real things that debt makes us think about.

13. Well, do you or not?!

14. Punctuation weaponry!

15. When you can’t helping tweeting everything…

16. Hmmm, I thought it was the screams after they begin cooking

That one about Pacman had me rolling.

A bad place indeed!