In a world that often doesn’t get what it’s like to exist with lady parts on a daily basis, it’s nice to log onto the internet and find people that seem to understand.

And while dudes, the government, doctors, and plenty of other people definitely don’t, these people on Tumblr get you, sister. And me.

So let’s check them out.

16. Seriously though get a new joke.

15. We don’t sell plus sizes here. Or average sizes, for that matter.

14. I mean she definitely set the standard.

13. Do men even see it? Do they care?

12. There were so many more viable options for disappearing and never having to deal with me back in the day.

11. And what a beautiful moment it was.

10. It definitely is not.

9. And it is typically met with the classic eye-roll.

8. There are a million other examples just like this one.

7. The bar is so, so low. And yet…

6. I mean this is kind of what hips were made for I guess.

5. Even snow women can’t escape the double standards. #canshegetascarf

4. We have literally all been there, done that.

3. I don’t even know where to start with this one.

2. Please explain.

1. My evil cloven hooves.

I feel so seen and heard! Is this what guys feel like all the time?

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