You know if your friends are funny, and you probably expect to chuckle at one of their messages now and again. That said, sometimes their responses are so unexpectedly hilarious that you can’t help but laugh out loud.

But even your funniest friend may never be able to send you texts like these 13 – the bar is pretty high.

13. A fair answer to a fair question.

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12. It’s fine you can move in with me.

11. Someone has had just too many drugs today.

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10. Bahaha you set it up, he knocked it out.

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9. The first one was much more interesting.

8. Nevermind, you might need to find your own ride.

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7. The world needs to know what prompted this message.

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6. I really need to know the rest of this story.

5. I need to know for the next time my life gets really boring.

Moral: Don’t get high and listen to music
by intexts

4. OMG I have secondhand rage.

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3. When a boy in college forgets to pay his water bill but still wants rice.

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2. When you’re trying to be sweet but your typo is all she can see.


1. Well, that escalated quickly.

I now have new goals when it comes to text messages. Just sayin.

Do you try to make your friends laugh? Does it happen on accident? Either way works!

Also, let us know your favorite texts in the comments! Because… yanno… you want to.