No one really talks much about GenX – the Millennials, Boomers, and GenZ are always going at it while we calmly sit our cocktails and take in the end of the world – and that’s exactly the way we like it.

Our whole lives have prepared us to be ignored, to handle our own business while our parents do whatever they’re going to do, and honestly, to expect the end of the world is coming at any minute.

If any of that describes you – or you ever had a crush on Zack Morris – these 16 tweets will surely be right up your alley.

16. Reading this tweet just raised my anxiety.

When you finished with that perfect mix tape, though… ahhhh.

15. The reading part is why we’re all awesome.

The rest of it, too, but mostly the reading.

14. When something is good, it’s good.

Like Zac Efron.

13. Or maybe Jessica.

Any of them work but also we don’t care.

12. They’ll always be mix tapes.

It’s the perfect phrase and now Taylor is selling tapes so HA.

11. A whole new generation gets to experience her, now.

It’s causing me a lot of feelings.

10. We’re only annoying like this sometimes.

But we’re almost always deep in thought.

9. We will die on this hill.

We don’t stand for much, but the things we do…

8. Hahahaha spot on.

Also I would totally eat at a restaurant that played the soundtrack of my youth.

7. That’s probably true.

She went by Ginny in middle school before she grew up.

6. I like to think we’ve had many.

Flannel is making a comeback.

5. I daresay we’re coping the best of anyone.

You wouldn’t know because we’re not talking about it.

4. We’re not silent at home.

Do you really think we don’t have influence?

3. We like to stay on brand.

And yes, we know what that means, whippersnappers.

2. Sometimes in dubious ways.

We’re alive and mostly well, though.

1. When two tweets are actual perfection.

I am never going to stop laughing at this.

I’m toward the end of GenX and I’m feeling majorly seen!

If you are, too, which one did you identify with the most? Tell me in the comments!