Parenting is a rough gig, and one of the only things that gets you through the hard days is knowing that one day, your children will have adult senses of humor and also get sarcasm.

Because when they do, you can unleash amazingly brutal tweets like these 17.

We know you parents are just trying to do your best, and we’re so thankful that you found the time to tweet out this fire too.

Let’s get to it!

17. She’s just messing with you.

16. She’s going to be a great girlfriend one day.

15. This definitely ended with the kid doing the slam dunk.

14. How many of these can we possibly keep?

13. In our house it’s “I’M OKAY.”

12. Because, I mean, they’re probably fine.

11. If it’s not, it definitely should be.

10. We do not give up our first coffee of the day no matter what.

9. I need something to keep me going.

8. They can probably un-train her.

7. There are no other options.

6. It’s basically dog years.

5. How do you know she’s not right?

4. Because in that case life in interminable.


2. Too bad it’s not competitive.

1. It’s exactly like that.

Mine are still too young, but someday I’ll be able to spit this fire out on the Tweetverse!

What’s the funniest thing your parents have said to you? What’s the best slam dunk you’ve ever done on your kids? Do you even have kids? Do you want kids? Do your future kids want you as their parent? Are you having fun reading these questions?

We want to hear your answers in the comments!