I don’t think that most of us – introverts included – realized how hard it would be to truly not be able to go about our business in public for weeks on end. It’s different somehow when one CHOOSES to be alone most of the time, and quite another when you’re told you must maintain distance.

Also, not being able to see the small circle of people you’d like to is obviously different.

Luckily, we still have Twitter, and people are really busting out their best comedy in response to (another) week without interpersonal contact.

17. Are we going to forget how to friend?

Assuming we knew how to do it to begin with, of course.

16. Is that…a pot lid?

This outfit looks like something that would protect you against Ebola.

15. The world’s best or worst luck?

You decide, A**man.

14. It doesn’t even matter anymore.

Also, please do not get on a scale. That doesn’t matter right now, either.

13. It’s hard to care what you look like, full stop.

Except when you’re staging a selfie, obviously.

12. Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.

It’s there…just sitting there like this big dead end!


11. Salty and sweet is what makes the world go ’round.

And also snacks. Definitely.

10. Because sleep is, for some reason, tough.

What’s happening? What did I miss?

9. This is how to put social media to work FOR you.

This whole thing is making us take crushes and relationships slower and that is great.

8. It had better be where your b*tt is, too.

But hopefully not where the murder is happening.

7. It’s a hard question to answer.

First, you have to know how you feel, and…yeah.


6. Any girl will do.

We’re all the same, right?

5. I’m sure you have some kind of skill.

How to make excellent drinks, perhaps?

4. Man, they had some killer nail salons back then.

But otherwise, yes, I imagine this is accurate.

3. Better check and make sure you’re not still paying for it.


2. There are new rules in the world.

But still…don’t do this.


1. Honestly I am all in for this life.

But also I would like to be able to occasionally pawn my kids off on other people.

I’ve worked from home for five years and I regularly break plans just because I don’t want to go, and still…I would like this all to be over.

How are you coping? Let us know your secrets in the comments!