Gen Z, Millennials, and of course, Boomers, have been getting all of the attention lately – and all the while, those of us in Gen X (or Xennials) are sitting here, drinking our coffee and watching the news while we wait quietly for the world to end.

If that describes you, well, these 17 memes should go wonderfully with your caffeine and nihilism.

Get ready you lazy gits, because now we’re going to make you laugh, cry and everything in between.

14. Yeah we don’t have time for this.

13. We can learn but it’s not really worth our time.

12. Wayne is basically our patronus.

11. It will be glorious.

10. Probably not you wouldn’t know good music if it bit you.

9. Seriously why do we even have to be here for this picture.

8. Do not test me, son.

7. No one is paying attention to us and that’s how we like it.

6. If you are Gen X, one of these characters is you to a T.

5. Han Solo is the perfect representation of all of us.

4. You’re a Xennial embrace it.

3. It will probably work for awhile.

2. Y’all just leave us alone it’s all we want anyway.

1. That’s what we do, take it or leave it. (Just leave it).

I’m a Xennial and I say let the elders and the youngsters duke it out. We’ll be here to listen vaguely to whoever wants to vent once it’s done.

Okay Gen Xers, we want to hear from you! Did any of these make you chuckle? Let us know in the comments