Crafting a good business sign can’t be easy. You need to catch people’s eye, say something clever, and not offend too many potential customers – quite a fine line to walk!

Whoever crafted these 17, though, has the formula down pat, because we think they’re just about perfect.

17. Some stoned 16yo employee definitely pulled this one off.

16. So say we all.

15. You know there’s a reason they had to clarify.

14. Don’t mess around with the Baptists.

13. This made me snort-laugh.

12. That is one sick burn.

11. You’ve got to put it in terms people understand.

10. No one is laughing then.

9. You have to laugh (even if eating at Subway is definitely not an equivalent.

8.  Why would this even be a goal, though?

7. Fool me once…

6. I think many people can agree with this statement.

5. I prefer the latter, myself.

4. Fair warning.

3. Definitely an important thing to note.

2. Hey, gotta roll with your claim to fame.

1. You can’t say nobody told you!

Dying. I totally needed that laugh today.

Is there a business in your town who’s awesome at signs? Share a picture with us in the comments!