I have a younger sister and she’s literally the best person I know. I can’t wait to go visit her every other month in New York City, and I absolutely live for it.

I mean, there really is nothing like a sibling, and when you’ve got a sister… you’ve probably got a friend for life. And these 13 memes will totally make her day.

1. I’ll take that Oscar now.

2. Don’t even.


3. You should have seen your parents’ grocery bill.

4. Also.

5. It never fails.

6. Called. Out.

7. No they didn’t.

8. So sweet.

9. Nothing personal.


10. Just a few things.


11. Gurl.

12. You have to get creative.

13. She knows it all.

14. Make sure she buys it.

15. That’s a lot of underlines.

16. Hey, we’re not mathematicians here.


17. Just wait until we’re alone.


18. Ya think?

Are you thinking about which one of these to send to your sis bestie? Because I’ve already sent five. So beat that, internet!

No, but for reals… we want to hear which one of these you love. Let us know in the comments, yo!