There’s no way around it: whether you’re 10-years-old or you’re in your 80s, all of us human beings are works in progress and we can use all the help and advice we can get to navigate this thing called life.

That’s why AskReddit articles like this one are so helpful. It’s full of good tips and advice that you and I can implement into our everyday lives.

So sit back, read these entries carefully, and go forth and conquer!

1. Hey, we’re friends!

“Assume familiarity.

Not in a weird creepy way, but if you approach new people with the attitude and rapport of someone you’re already friends (or at least acquaintances) with, you’ll essentially define the beginning of your relationship with a positive note and heavily influence your interactions in time to come.”

2. Avoid the drama.

“Familiarity breeds contempt. Don’t always be available to people. Have a good time whenever you’re with them and keep things on a positive note, but don’t always be available to them. They will miss you when you’re gone. Every time they see you they’ll be happy. It also keeps you out of a lot of drama. People value things that are rare. Have several groups of friends that you rotate through. You’ll always be well-liked. Of course, don’t do this if you’re in a relationship or something.”

3. Take the lead.

“In an emergency situation everyone looks around for someone that knows what is going on (the problem being know one does). So you have to be the person to lead. Directly point to individuals and give them clear and short directions “You go call 911”, “You go pull the fire alarm”. Do not wait for someone else to lead. If you do, it might be to late.”

4. Spread the joy.

“Happiness spreads. If one person you’re working with has a good attitude it will usually slowly catch and soon everyone is happier and having a good time too. If you can be that one person, go for it. You can go from hating your job to enjoying it.”

5. F*ke it til you make it!

“I’ve found the expression “Fake it til you make it” applies well. A good smile, strong eye contact, and standing up straight works wonders in awkward/uncomfortable/new situations.”

6. Respect is key.

“Show everyone a little respect, a little kindness. Everyone.

When I can’t find something at a huge grocery store, I’ll ask a clerk or stocker that’s busy but I’ll say “I know you’re busy but what aisle is [obscure object] on?” “Oh it’s…..actually I’ll just show you.” “Thank you sir/ma’m” “No problem, is there anything else you need!?”

Sometimes, I have to tell them that “really I think I can find the cereal aisle on my own.”

People are so much more eager to help when you show just even a little respect. Even if it’s someone that is getting paid minimum wage for some cr*ppy job.”

7. One point for you.

“When having a heated argument, I like to tell the other person when they scored a good hit. I’ll change my entire voice and say “Okay, that was pretty good!” before responding in my normal arguing voice.

Completely ruins their rhythm and headspace- it makes them feel like you’re treating it as a game and still winning/holding-your-own.”

8. Be assertive.

“When you are job hunting, don’t ask the guy behind the counter for an application, ask him for the manager. When the manager comes out, ask him for the application. Don’t just ask him for the application, ask him for an application and an interview.”

9. This is important.

“The only person you are in control of in this world is yourself. The only thing you really control is your reaction. Don’t let other peoples’ choices, actions or unforeseen events bother you, and don’t let them dictate your reactions. I was diagnosed with cancer at Christmas, and got a fast ride on this road. Life sucks, lots of things suck, but if I spend all of my time focusing on how much people annoy me or how awful the weather is I’m wasting my potential happiness. I’m in control of my attitude, and I’m choosing to be positive.”

10. An interesting idea…

“Self-Hack: If you want to better understand yourself (why do I do x? or why can’t I do y?), you should re-consume childhood media. The TV Shows, Books, Music, Movies, Games, etc.. that you consume as a child have a profound effect over your personal development. I know this from personal experience playing nostalgic games like Crash Bandicoot.

I couldn’t figure out why I had a phobia of bees until I replayed a level of CB in which bees relentlessly chase you through a complex map. I was 3 years old the first time I played it. Basically pay attention to nostalgia because it is the reflection of your hidden parts. Some of my finds: My intense love of science came form Dexter’s Lab & Power Puff Girls, fear of bees from Crash Bandicoot, love of brunettes from Hercules (Disney version).”

11. I’m still getting rest.

“Ever have trouble falling asleep when you really need to get to sleep because you’re too anxious about not getting enough sleep?

Just tell yourself that even if you’re not sleeping you are still resting and that it’s still beneficial. Takes away the anxiety and you can fall asleep easier.”

12. This. Right here.

“If you are in any position at all that people are following you, for the love of sweet god please LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Nobody likes an as$hole that wants to strut around with his feet up everywhere and barking out orders like hes the big ol man around here, nobody listens to them, and nobody at all respects them. Work with them, show them that you would do that work if you were him, show him that that youre his leader and not his boss.”

13. That’s a new one.

“I picture people who intimidate me dancing really lamely. A variation on the public speaking “picture everyone in the room naked” technique of confidence-boosting.”

14. Listen more than you talk.

“In conversation, listen to the other person. Don’t give away everything, just listen and respond briefly and appropriately. If you know your stuff, you can use prompts to get someone to talk themselves into agreeing with you.”

15. Something to look forward to.

“Have trouble waking up in the morning? Make a routine that you can look forward to. Even if it’s as simple as having a cup of coffee and browsing reddit, it can help you make that first step to releasing the death grip of your comfy, warm bed. Also, make sure your room is warm enough to keep you from retreating back under the blankets.

What I do is keep the heat up to a comfortable temperature and have a fan on a night. It has a remote so when my alarm goes off, I turn the fan off and get up without entering what seems to be the next ice age in my bedroom.”

16. Push yourself.

“If you’re carrying something heavy, running, biking, hiking, etc… Pick landmarks as goals. Go to each telephone pole then the next then the next for example. Looking at the end makes you want to shut down and quit, just think about one step at a time and it will make life easier.”

17. Keep yourself busy.

“Happiness is often the result of being too busy to be miserable.”

So… did any of this speak to you? Resonate in a special way?

Let us know your favorite advice in the comments! Or share some of your own. We’re all ears!