A truly great insult is like a work of art: it’s out there but you have to be talented and have great timing and skill to pull it off.

But, practice makes perfect, so keep working at it.

Oh, and, maybe you should give these insults a try that people on social media were nice enough to share with us.


1. Get that woman a coffee!

She is the GOAT of comebacks!

2. Hahahaha. Zing!

I guess the future isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, eh?

3. Get up on the stage…

Oh damn! Zing!

Maybe Maybe Maybe
byu/imadeyoureadthis26 inmaybemaybemaybe

4. Little dogs are pretty wild.

Chihuahuas are insane.

5. From waaaaaay back.

That’s why there’s a show called Hamilton.

The first rare insult
byu/Plus4lex44Plus inrareinsults

6. She’s not lying…

And boy is she right about that LAST part.

That jack off comment was unnecessary
byu/Ghg-Fds inrareinsults

7. Expert level trolling.

But… please get some help? Or stop getting hickies?

Make up tutorial coming soon
byu/BroncosoJR inrareinsults

8. That is eerie.

It’s the hair.


9. This fella nailed it.

Yeah, she needs to shut it.

Only a few shekels
byu/LaMinkiaJuice inrareinsults

10. I’m not seeing anything…

Damn Samsung! That’s rough!

Photo Credit: Twitter

11. It’s working!

So get the f**k away from me, dude!

Photo Credit: Twitter

12. Mr. Tyson, you’ve been burned.

Keep chasing those points of light, though!

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. Can’t insult a winner.

Oversleeping isn’t necessarily a BAD thing.

Fuck you Bebra
byu/lolzorken inrareinsults

14. All rolled into one.

That is such a weird, completely accurate observation!

Does it include shaggy?
byu/cranobano inrareinsults

15. There’s one in every zombie movie!

And he’s it!

My favourite rare insult of all time
by inrareinsults

16. Self-imposed insult.

Oh snap!

Insult to self injury
byu/kajraray inrareinsults

17. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…

I like Micropenis Maniac. That’s HILARIOUS!


Those are definitely NOT cool nicknames, and would most likely put those serial killers in their places, don’t you think?

But hey, it’s not just about THAT tweet. What did you think about these? Love them? What was your fave?

Let us know in the comments!