Social media isn’t exactly known as the place to dumb your deepest thoughts, but when it comes to Tumblr, sometimes that happens in unexpected ways.

Wisdom, humor, and truths about life sometimes arrive in surprising places – as you’ll see for yourself when you peruse these 17 posts.

17. Just like Jesus. Hmm.

16. He doesn’t make the rules.

15. They hold the effing line, so show some respect.

14. Now you’re going to think about it, too.

13. That’s a little too deep for me, I’m afraid.

12. I think we’re onto something.

11. I feel this deep down in my soul.

10. This post has caused me to lose it in the best possible way.

9. This might be one of the truest things I have ever read.

8. I have some exciting news for you…

7. At least you’ve realized the error of your ways.

6. That cat has seen things.

5. He’s definitely headed somewhere.

4. It’s all one big troll.

3. You could get trapped in this loop for eternity.

2. In a nutshell.

1. It’s a small ask, really.

I, for one, am happy to get startled by internet truth bombs every once in awhile.

How about you? Love the truthy truth? Let us know which ones you enjoyed in the comments!