The subreddit Am I The A**hole is full of people asking legitimately tough questions about whether or not they’ve wronged the people in their lives. Most of the time, people are split on the verdict, but with this guy? Not so much.

The original poster (OP) states that he and his live-in girlfriend of 4 years generally eat vegetarian, because he doesn’t eat meat and they don’t want to buy double the groceries. The arrangement is that she cooks most of the time, and will either make a meal for them both or make a modified version without meat for her boyfriend.

In this case, though, she was feeling poorly from an endometriosis flare-up and the weather had turned bad, leaving her in the mood for bolognese sauce.

AITA for not wanting my wife to make her favorite comfort food? from AmItheAsshole

It’s an Italian meat sauce that required extra time and ingredients, and that he wouldn’t be able to eat.

When he asked whether she could modify the dish or just not make it, if she couldn’t make it edible for him too, she got upset.

And…he’s the a**hole, right? It might have been arguable until he said she was unwell.

Just give the woman her comfort food, man!

I couldn’t find anyone who didn’t agree.

Because she’s NOT YOUR f*ckING MOM!

Because sometimes humans get it right.

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