Do you fancy yourself a cinephile? If so, then these tweets are for you! Just don’t look at them while you’re at the theater, cause that’s super rude!

1. Jack Black’s a funny guy

2. Chilling

3. I believe it

4. Stubert Little?


Photo Credit: Twitter: @Ristolable

6. No one puts gat-ey in the corner

7. But really

8. Solid point

9. We all knew it when we saw it

Photo Credit: Twitter: @meladoodle

10. Gross

Photo Credit: Twitter: @ariscott

11. Carry the 1…

Photo Credit: Twitter: @vineyille

12. Uh oh

13. Let’s!

14. LOL

15. Let’s get it done!

Photo Credit: Twitter: @fivefifths

16. *Claps*

Photo Credit: Twitter: @JlTEAGEGE

17. I totally get it

Now, off to the cinema!