Black Twitter, regular Twitter – there are funny, insightful, people on the platform no matter where you look. But today, we’re showcasing the best and brightest offerings from the former.

I promise, you’ll definitely agree with me after you scroll through this list!

17. Yeahhhh that’s not going to happen.

16. I feel like this is an accurate representation.

15. Gotta hit those goals.

14. They’re too young to be tied down!

13. Brothers are the actual best.

12. Just try not to laugh.

11. An alien presence has been detected.

10. It’s enough to make you crazy.

9. Come and listen to the wisdom of my age.

8. Like, promise.

7. I am dead now.

6. I was just estimating.

5. Girl, you can do this.

4. Kids these days.


2. Everybody knows that face.

1. I dare you not to crack up.

I just want this list to keep going!

Do you have a favorite? Share it with us in the comments! Because that’s what we do around here!