I’m sure it started out as a cute thing – have a little get together and tell your closest friends and family whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl at birth.

Unfortunately, between wildfires and actual deaths, things have gotten more than a little bit out of control.

Aside from the tragedy, there’s a lot to laugh about, though – just check out these 17 tweets that say exactly what you’re thinking.

17. Probably gluten free, too.

16. They’re going to be so pumped.

15. I admit that’s a lot less interesting.

14. Surprise!

13. That’s gonna be one big cake.


12. Now there’s a party I could get behind.


11. You gotta let that kiddo be!

10. I was told there would be Nerf guns.

9. Just to cover all of your bases.

8. Simba was the OG gender reveal.


7. I’m sure everyone was listening.

6. What’s with today, today?

5. I hope there were drugs involved.

4. Wait until you find out about the lasagna.


3. That would actually be helpful, though.

2. I can’t believe he didn’t think of it, tbh.

1. I see what she did there.

I am guilty of having cupcakes made, but there were only 8 of us and there was no drama involved. I swear!!!

What do you think about these parties? Drop your thoughts in the comments!