Whether you’re having a good day or a bad one, it can always be made better by the internet. Well…scratch that. It can always be made better by the funny parts of the internet. If you feel fearful right now of trying to wade through the rest of it to find those gems, worry not, because we’ve got a list right here.

Enjoy these 10 random funny tweets and memes without having to deal with the unfunny ones.

18. Wasting away in Margaritaville

Self-care is important.

17. The lap of luxury

How is this cat not more concerned about where the other half of this human is?


16. School was weird

I have a note from my doctor excusing me from having to think, though.

15. Spicy memes

Get out.

14. Sleepin’ Slide

Might as well just always be in bed.

13. Healthy AF

I can take on the world, occasionally.

12. Temperature tantrum

Let the tears mix in with the rest of the water.

11. Tiger meme

Knowing the original context of this is ruining me right now.

10. It’s nachos, it’s mine

Let’s taco bout getting one.

9. Bird herders

Love me tenders.

8. Baby bothers

The ability to communicate is overrated, honestly.

7. I’m not strong enough

It’s just *sniff* really chili in here.

6. Waste not, want not

We’re a frugal household.

5. Baby murder floof

Am vicious.

4. Well no one told you…

*clap clap clap clap clap*

3. Copy that

Tag yourself I’m the pencils in the background.

2. Mission accomplished

Progress is progress.

1. Subs are my kink

Especially footlongs.

If we’ve calculated this right, your day should be at least 10% better for having seen these memes. If this is incorrect, please don’t bother your doctor about it, they have better things to do.

Where’s your favorite place to find funny stuff on the internet?

Tell us in the comments.