Some days, just getting into the office on time feels like a big win, so making it from nine all the way until 5? It takes a superhuman.

Yes, even if you like your job.

Even if your boss is awesome.

Some days are just rough, man!

That’s where these 18 jokes come in – they’re bound and determined to make you forget to check the clock (at least for a few minutes!).

18. Maturity is overrated.

17. So painfully accurate.

16. I just want to know how he replied.

15. Know your captive audience.

14. Painful. So painful.

13. I don’t see you I don’t see you.

12. Think of the trees, man!

11. I mean, that’s what it FEELS like.

10. These are MY MONIES.

9. It’s not a joke because it’s true.

8. If you can make it a game, go for it.

7. I’ll take the champagne and caviar, peasants.

6. What are YOU looking at?

5. It’s never too late if you dream hard enough.

4. It’s such a special relationship.

3. A question for the ages.

2. I’m going to need you to back on up.

1. All. The. Time.

I’m revved up and ready to tackle the rest of the day – how about you?

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