I feel like there are two kinds of people in the world: those who really enjoy spending time alone and those who find it very uncomfortable.

I definitely belong in the first category. Being by myself reenergizes me and makes me feel normal again. I like spending time with family and friends, but I tend to get very worn out being that “social” with people after a while.

Here are some interesting answers about this topic from AskReddit users.

1. No interruptions.

“Thinking my own thoughts to completion.”

2. Do what you want.

“Really easy to organise things. What’s that, Lenny Kravitz is coming to town? On the website, ticket bought, done. Felt like going to the movies the other day, looked up the time, drove up, easy.”

3. Very peaceful.

“Traveling alone is especially wonderful! Go where you want, do or don’t do what you want, eat when you want. It’s very peaceful. No drama.”

4. You do you.

“You can be 100% ‘YOU’ when alone.”

5. I don’t think it’s just you.

“I feel more relaxed, there’s just a few people who I can stay with without stressing about what to say. Is it just me?”

6. Not alone.

“I’m not alone, I’m with myself, I love spending time with me.”

7. No bullsh^t.

“I don’t have to deal with everyone elses bullsh^t, problems, and drama. i can be alone in quiet to recharge in peace. constant noise is grating, sometimes one needs peace and quiet and the order i get the more i value it.”

8. You sound like you’re much better off alone.

“I don’t have to hear other people eat, cough, clear their throat, talk or breathe. No unwelcome smells either.”

9. Just me.

“The only person judging me is me. I don’t have to justify myself to anyone but my own thoughts.”

10. It’s great.

“I had been in relationships for the last 9 years. All serious relationships. Being on my own, I can do whatever I want and not tell anyone where I’m going or why. Just get outta bed, go to work, then do whatever I want after work.

It’s great.”

11. Time for reflection.

“If I’m alone long enough, I can reflect on myself. Like the kind of person I am and do the best to make little changes here and there. I feel like you’re less likely to do that if you’re constantly surrounded by people.”

12. All kinds of great stuff.

“Movie theaters, museums, concerts, shopping, wandering around tourist areas, brunch, and chasing after sushi trucks are my favorite “alone time” activities. No one is judging me for ordering three appetizers as a meal or saying “…you’re getting bourbon in a shake? It is noon.”

In my non-alone times I realize that I treasure not having to pretend and be on for others. When I have time to myself, if I am feeling really down I can go ahead and let loose. At other points in my life if I told people what I was really thinking or felt, they’d take it too hard or they’d begin reacting.

So then came the guilty “shouldn’t have said that…” cycle. Feeling worse for having felt unhappy and then having to deal with someone else’s emotions.”

13. Naps are key.

“No one’s asking me work favours/questions, the silence, I don’t have to F*ke an emotion if I’m feeling down, no pressure to act a certain way, plus naps are great.”

14. No guilt.

“No expectations or other people’s needs to consider. My default is to be very helpful and supportive to other people, even when I am exhausted. Being alone means I don’t have to have that and not feel guilty.”

15. Soothing calmness.

“The calm. Just to get away from everything and do whatever. If I want to blast music while eating chips and crying, I could do that all without someone practically crawling over everything I do. It’s great.”

16. An interesting perspective.

“It’s very hard to screw something up big time when you’re alone. Decision’s don’t really matter when they don’t involve other people. Money can always be remade, self-inflicted wounds can always be healed by yourself, if you mess something up you can always take care of it. But relationships can always be messed up irrevocably and that’s too much pressure, dude.”

17. Selfish and proud.

“I can do what I want when I want without having to consider other people’s feelings or interests. For someone who is quite aware of how selfish they are, that’s a boon.”

18. Silence is golden.

“Sweet silence.”

I know I definitely enjoy my alone time, so these responses made a lot of sense to me.

What do you think? Do you like being alone or does it make you feel sad and lonely?

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