Sometimes, when it comes to a winning opening line, a little cheese goes a long way – as does a laugh. These pickup lines might not be the smoothest or most original, but I’m betting they’re good enough to get you in the door.

The rest is up to you, friends.

18. One for all of the Apple fans in the house.

17. This one would definitely make me laugh.

16. I hope you’re going to throw in chicken wings or something, because now I’m hungry.

15. Okay I really like this one.

14. You can never go wrong referencing Disney!

13. Do people still say “fine?” If so, I guess this might work.

12. We already know you’re good at one thing.

11. For the Aladdin lovers out there.

10. Throw the word ‘buns’ in there somewhere and you’ve definitely got a winner.

9. Are you really, though, because if so I have some things I’d like to discuss.

8. I mean, you can’t, though.

7. Only if you think you can pull it off as well as Ryan Gosling.

6. You can’t go wrong with tried and true. I don’t think.

5. You’re damn right you’d have to squint to see me.

4. Short and sweet and to-the-point – a winner!

3. I’m embarrassed to say this actually took me a minute.

2. Why are you a chicken, though?

1. A guy who mentions the library? Sign me up!

I totally would have fallen for some of these!

Do you have a favorite pickup line? Does it work? Share it with us in the comments!