How’s your day going so far? Have you had to deal with any *shudder* people?

No matter what the answer is, I’ll bet it can be made better by memes. A good meme collection has the ability to knock our day up a notch.

Turning terrible to OK, OK to good, and so on. So wherever your day is sitting on the scale, get ready to experience a boost.

Here are 13 memes to make your day brighter and your heart lighter.

20. Fowl beast

Once you pop, the quack no stop.

19. Pushing the limits

If I don’t eat the snack, it’s a big waste. If I do, it’s a big waist.

18. Don’t call me maybe

It’s adorable that you think I’d answer.

17. I’m always watching

Hey maybe that’s none of your business. Chop chop, make with the shows.

16. Foot soldiers

A soul crushing defeat.

15. Condiment catastrophe

Just a little more and you’ve got a good sandwich.

14. I can dig it

How old does it have to be before it’s fine?

13. Holely cr*p

[screams in car suspension]

12. I’m gonna need you to go ahead and…

…consider the fact that germs don’t care about your politics.

11. Aww, snap

I’d trust him with my life.

10. We’re all going to have died

Does anybody even remember the world was supposed to end in 2012?

9. Meta-work

The hardest working man in memedom.

8. Absolute classic

Please, no peoples. Only dogs.

7. It’s right behind you

Hopefully we’re living in the final days of buffering.

6. More than meets the eye

Once upon a time, there was an evil genius named Michael Bay…

5. Steering feels

When all cars are self-driving, will dogs take themselves to the park?

4. Learning is in the air

Enjoy your trip in the big metal frozen tube, children.

3. Abomination

I’m corn-fused.

2. Put it on my tab

Does man’s greed know no bounds?

1. Wave goodbye

This one will likely stay relevant. Minecraft is forever.

There now, isn’t your day better? Be sure to share these with someone else to improve their day as well!

Which one was your favorite?

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