Some people love being single, some hate it.

But there’s no denying that people are single for all different kinds of reasons. Some are within their control, some are not.

Either way, it’s always interesting to find out why people are not in a relationship.

AskReddit users opened up about why they are indeed single at the moment.

1. Makes sense.

“Wanted to get my sh^t together before having to deal with someone else’s sh^t.”

2. Short and sweet.

“I’m uglier than my inappropriately high standards.”

3. Nothing to be ashamed of.

“I have no idea what the heck I’m doing.”

4. Hmmmm. That’s interesting.

“Social ineptitude on a level that makes me seriously think I’m autistic.”

5. Two main reasons.

“My high standards and lack of a social life.”

6. Sabotaging yourself.

“As soon as I start to like someone, I go crazy and then self-sabotage hard.”

7. This is really sad.

“No one wants me. I don’t like going to restaurants by myself so I would be satisfied with someone that would just eat with me.”

8. A lot of people deal with this.

“Social anxiety.”

9. Just can’t do it.

“Trust issues and i honestly would rather not be in a relationship anymore.”

10. A lot of self-doubt.

“I have no idea how to flirt/i’m not attractive enough for others to initiate.”

11. Good luck to you.

“Because my wife died and I’ll probably never meet anyone as amazing as her.”

12. Confidence is key.

“My self confidence is at an all time low after my previous girlfriend.”

13. We all go through this at some point.

“In love with someone who doesn’t love me the same way.”

14. At least you are self-aware.

“Cause I’m a drunken self sabotaging as$hole.”

15. I’m sure that’s not true.

“No on finds me attractive.”

16. Been there, done that.

“The girls who are interested in me aren’t the ones I’m attracted to and the girls I am attracted to aren’t interrested in me.”

17. It does have its perks.

“Emotionally exhausted, physically ugly, and a huge introvert. But, being single has its perks.”

18. That’s a problem.

“I’m addicted to internet porn.”

19. Just not interested.

“I’m not interested in dating. Like, at all.”

20. Time to grow up.

“The person I want (who wants me back) is waiting for me to grow up. Ouch.”

There are definitely some interesting responses there.

How about you? Are you single? If so, tell us why in the comments.

And remember to be honest!