When I was in high school, college felt like this mystical, far-off and lofty experience.

And to be fair, I didn’t exactly twiddle my thumbs while I was there. In retrospect it might just end up being the most densely-packed period of my entire life, full of all kinds of experiences, most of which I don’t even regret.

Even so, it definitely did not fulfill the sort of vision I had going into it, as the people behind these posts understand.

20. Do the math

This is me but after college.

19. Assistant to the regional teacher

There will be plenty of time for binging when you’re older.


18. Skip me

I will be older by then, I will be wiser.

17. Getting to know you

Is this still true in the age of social media?
Is there even such a thing as a private life anymore?

16. Dream on

Oh, honey. Sit down. Let’s chat.

15. Lowered expectations

It’s true.

14. The final lap

That bit is a special kind of cruelty.

13. Can’t wait!

The best part of waking up, is probably not this.


12. That dorm aesthetic

“Technically we could get kicked out for even drinking in here, but I think I’ll proudly display these trophies in my window anyway.”

11. Coffee is more important than anything else

And it will always make you late.

10. Group projects are still awful

There will always be only one person in the group who cares. Pray that person is not you.

9. It’s mostly self-teaching

The thing you’re really paying for is enforced deadlines to learn things by.

8. There’s no parking

Campuses that are not in big cities pretend they have city transit for some reason and it makes no sense.

7. You won’t find anything in your first semester

By year three you’ll discover a room with a pool table you never knew existed.

6. Nobody cares about your ACT score

Your mom is proud and that’s literally it.

5. You will experience post-skip depression

You build yourself up telling yourself it’s fine and in fact good to skip, then the guilt hits.

4. Your standards will change

Because you’ll realize it doesn’t matter a heck of a lot.

3. You will have a favorite seat

And it will get weird when you can’t nab it.

2. It’s a train wreck

Things like this will just happen and there will be no accounting for them.


1. Teachers aren’t supposed to be enemies

Any that present themselves that way are doing it wrong.


College is a wild time. To anyone heading there, I hope you have the time of your life.

What was your college experience like / what are you expecting it to be?

Tell us about it in the comments.