There’s a certain amount of responsibility, I think, that comes with passing along cringe. Especially nuclear weapons grade cringe. The kind of cringe that will melt your face off if you look right at it like the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones.

So, fair warning, the Twitter cringe you’re about to see is a lot. It’s too much. And we’ve removed all the identifying names and faces in order to protect the…innocent? The guilty?

Just consider it a general protection spell cast on this entire mess.

14. Jar jar stinks

The less I say about this one the more likely I am to have a shot at going to Heaven.

13. What the S?

Your kinks are fine, but don’t publically pull in people who didn’t consent, that’s insane.

12. I can’t do anything

And the internet just moves right along.

11. Something to chew on

Maybe the lumber company didn’t think anyone would try to eat their houses, bro.

10. Six feet under

Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope.

9. The hoops

Is there um…is there a big market for that kind of thing?

8. On the upsell

For anyone who doesn’t know, Forex is just a global exchange market that’s completely unhelpful to the vast majority of us.

7. Watching, waiting

“Hello! I’m a stalker! I’m doing illegal stalking things! Here’s my public confession!”

6. Kinda fine


5. Kinda sus

I think the sus thing here is that you’re a person old enough to use Twitter who is casually displaying your bed wets.

4. Pic-me-up

Yeah, what are you even complaining about?

3. The back up

Nothing’s ever really gone.

2. Getting away

Yanno, it’s less that this happened, and more that you’re volunteering it to the world unprompted.

1. Killer looks

…where do you even begin with this?

Well, that’s enough of that for now. And forever. For the rest of my life.

Which one is the most cringe?

Tell us in the comments.