I’ve been having one of those months that seems to just be absolutely full of brutal conversations. But I count myself lucky that none of them have been at the level of brutality presented in the screenshots of convos from these people on Reddit. Because holy crap.

Laugh, cry, and wince along as we look through some taxing texts.

10. Feelings are feelings

Wow, what did they do to deserve this war crime of a response?

9. Missed me

Sure hope you won, Caroline.

8. Ever-vigilant

When you’re very involved in your son’s life but not enough to know how old he is.

7. Comfort

To be fair, how does one respond to that?

6. Rachel

Yeah this has gotta be against like a dozen company/privacy policies.

5. Get it?

Move on honey, he’s not worth it.

4. Group projects

Arjun is never gonna recover from this one.

3. Caved

I think we can safely say reconciliation is off the table.

2. I am the night

Stick with the normal cliches like “It’s not you, it’s me” next time.

1. Face the facts

You both need to move away and start new lives somewhere.

I feel like I’m playing Mortal Combat because that was some brutality turned fatality right there.

What’s the most brutal exchange you’ve had lately?

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