We’ve all seen the daytime talk shows with (staged) over the top fights and paternity tests which explode in earth-shattering reveals and tears and taunts as some would-be families scrap it out over the human drama of raising a kid and all the responsibilities that come with that.

But that’s TV. It’s fake. Or at least, exaggerated. It’s played up and engineered to keep you watching.

What about people who really do, in the real world, have to deal with the fact that maybe the person they’re with is not the father of their child?

Here are ten thoughts from the real world.

10. Resentment

It’s all going to come to a clash.

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9. Cat’s out of the bag

And there’s no putting it back in.

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8. DD

What to do now?

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7. How sweet

Sometimes there’s a happy ending.

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6. Shared

Well that just kept getting more and more complicated as I read.

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5. Do the math

Obviously he’s gonna know, then.

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4. Will ever be

Sometimes that’s just how it goes. It comes down to character.

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3. Divorce court

Wait, start over.

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2. Spice it up

Just a TOUCH too spicy right out of the gate.

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1. Upsetting

Well, yeah. There’s pretty much nothing about this that’s not upsetting.

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Take care of each other out there, life can get messy real real quick.

Do you have experience with this sort of thing?

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