The Instagram account Story Of My f*cking Life is one you need to be following.

That is, if you enjoy seeing things that are so up your alley that they make you shout, “Yes!” And you know we’re all looking for that.

Check out these relatable books that we wish existed in the real world.

1. Brilliant

2. A serious question for all of us

3. Are you really, though?

4. 100% my life

5. Let’s get healthy! Maybe…

6. Don’t do it!

7. Great, we can do it together…

8. A huge lie

9. In for the long haul

10. The worst

11. “Hi boss…”

12. Don’t go near that thing

13. Silence please

14. That is a horror story

15. Out of place

16. Maybe they were right

17. This is all of us

18. I need a favor

19. Deeeeeeeep thoughts

20. A great struggle

I wish these books existed…